IDImposer 10

The premier InDesign Page (Re-)Arranger

for all your InDesign-based Imposition Needs

The IDImposer Imposition Plug-in Produces:

  • Booklets, newsletters, brochures, newspapers, magazines, books, sheets of business cards, and more, as planning comps or final product.

IDImposer Comes in 3 Different Versions / Editions:

  • IDImposer Booklet Edition
  • IDImposer Standard Edition
  • IDImposer Pro Edition

IDImposer Outputs:

  • A partly editable new ".indd" Document, ready for review -- and then printing directly, making plates, or Export to PDF. (InDesign's PDF Export function is used.)  When exporting to PDF, InDesign's print system is completely bypassed, retaining the full quality and fidelity of the data.

IDImposer Supports:

  • InDesign CS4 through InDesign CC 2015.
  • All InDesign-compatible versions of MacOS X, and all InDesign-compatible versions of Windows.
  • Saddle-Stitch, Perfect-Bound, Consecutive, Cut-Stack, StepAndRepeat, and user defined layouts.
  • MultiPass - impositions of impositions
  • 2-Up, 4-Up, 6-Up, 8-Up, ...
  • Page rotation
  • Creep / Shift
  • SheetsPerSignature
  • WorkAndTurn / WorkAndTumble / Single Plate
  • Input Pages of any size, and output Sheets of any size.
  • mm, points, inches
  • Automatic calculation of sheet margins
  • Asymetrical sheet margins
  • Supplied and user definable Presets.
  • An Avery label Preset library.
  • Crop Marks and other printer marks.
  • Bleeds and Gaps.
  • Slugs
  • Text and Images that cross the spine of Reader Spread facing pages are correctly handled and perfectly aligned.
  • Master Page items are handled correctly.
  • Special characters like auto-pagenumbers are handled correctly.

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