IDImposer 10

The premier Page (Re-)Arranger 
for all your InDesign-based Imposition Needs

IDImposer 10 Overview

IDImposer rearranges the pages of a normal "reader spread" InDesign document into "super-pages", or "Flats", of a new InDesign document, complete with crop marks / trim marks and other printer marks.

This takes advantage of the larger paper ("sheet") sizes used by printing equipment in a print services provider's shop, and rearranges the pages into correct Saddle-Stitch or Perfect-Bound page order.

You can think of IDImposer as a "Print Booklet" feature on steroids -- except that the output of IDImposer is a new InDesign document. This allows you to inspect the imposed result before either sending it to a printer or imagesetter or exporting a PDF file of the job. And, since the output is an InDesign Document, you can easily add slugs, additional color bars, and other custom marks in InDesign before printing or exporting to PDF.

IDImposer comes in 3 Editions; choose the Edition that best fits your needs and budget.

IDImposer Booklet Edition creates 2-Up Flats for 'saddle stitched' (stapled at the fold) booklets and newsletters, and consecutive N-Up layouts for unfolded printing.

IDImposer Standard Edition adds features for creating 'perfect bound' books, sheets of business cards and return address labels, and cut stack layouts, and allows more control over printer mark creation.  Standard Edition also lets you create Presets for your standard jobs, including the new Avery label Preset library.

IDImposer Professional Edition adds two powerful features for defining more-complex imposition layouts: FlatLayout (PageSequence) files, and support for multiple Phases -- impositions of impositions.

IDImposer Produces:

  • Bookletsnewsletters, brochures, newspapers, magazines, books, sheets of business cards, and more, as planning comps or final product.

IDImposer Supports:

  • Product Compatibility
    • InDesign CS4 through InDesign CC 2015.
    • All InDesign-compatible versions of MacOS X, and all InDesign-compatible versions of Windows, including Windows 10.
  • Flexible Page Sequencing
    • 2-Up 2-Sided Single Fold Saddle-Stitch sequencing
    • Consecutive sequencing
    • Perfect-Bound, Cut-Stack, and StepAndRepeat sequencing*
    • User Defined page sequencing**
    • 4-Up, 6-Up, 8-Up, ...**
    • WorkAndTurn / WorkAndTumble / Single Plate**
  • Extensive Page Rearrangement Capabilities
    • Text and Images that cross the spine of Reader Spread facing pages are correctly handled and perfectly aligned.
    • Master Page items are handled correctly.
    • Special characters like auto-pagenumbers are handled correctly.

  • ... and many more. See the Features page.

15 day fully functional free trial!

* Feature requires Standard Edition
** Feature requires Pro Edition

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