"Thank you!!! This is such a great plug-in.
— B.T., 11/1/2016

"BTW, this is an awesome pluggin! You're a genius.”
— J.H., 04/27/2016

“Thank you for a very professionally done and easy to install script. I just can't believe how well done it was the very first time I used it.”
— L.L., 11/20/2015

"...thanks for creating such a time-saving piece of software.”
-- I.M., 11/5/2015

"it's a great piece of software and I really do appreciate all the work you've put into developing it. I am more than happy to make further contributions towards it's continued development and excellent support.”
-- M.H., 10/13/2015

"You are providing a quality product and excellent customer service!
I have been using IDImposer in a production print-house environment for 4 years now and we rely on your software everyday.
Thanks you again and keep-up the great work.
Have a great day,”
-- Brent C, 2015/8/16

"Really love this plugin."
-- Jamie, 7/27/2015

"Thanks for a great tool!!! Don’t know what I would do without it!"
-- S.H., 7/22/2015, Chattanooga, TN

"IDImposer has made my life a lot easier since going into digital printing, and it would be great to just shake your hand."
-- I.T., 4/28/2015, The Philippines

"For printers, IDImposer is the best dang imposing software in the marketplace."
"For designers, IDImposer is the perfect solution for making imposed booklet files going out to digital presses."
"Been using IDImposer since 2013, got it for the other three designers in the office - and it has been a lifesaver for anyone who has tried to use the “Print booklet…” feature in InDesign (and then cursed Adobe)."
-- C.W., 4/18/2015, Maryland, USA

"I use your software everyday ..."
-- B.C., 6/23/2014, Canada

"I tried the program, loved the program and bought the program ..."
 -- K.C., 6/27/2014

"Thank you for creating this. Working at a non-profit, this was exactly what I was looking for."
-- N.H., 5/28/2014

"Congratulation for your plugin. It's amazingly quick, simple to use and damn precise. When I use Indy booklet function, the front and the back are totally offset. With idimpose, it's perfect!"
-- N.A., 5/26/2014

"I have been using your imposition software for a month now, love it ...  Better than anything else I have found, easy to use and inexpensive..... so a good deal as far as I am concerned."
-- K.H., 5/5/2014

"We have already purchased a license for this product for use on another computer and like it so much, we want to get it for a second one ..."
-- S.P., 5/5/2014

"Once I got my head around it this is a great piece of software, and I will gladly purchase a license for the software. Best wishes..."
 -- T.L., 4/16/2014

"great plugin. help me alot. cheers!"
-- A.N., 3/21/2014, Israel

"Works great."
 -- P.M., 3/19/2014

"Fantastic product by the way!! Do you engineer any other Adobe CS plug-ins?"
 -- F.I., 3/10/2014

"Thanks for your response and a very helpful plugin."
-- D.C., 1/9/2014

"I love your plugin and will be buying it today ... This is day 2 of my trial. And I will be happy to write a testimonial if that will help you out - I saw a number of solutions, all proclaiming to be the cheapest on the market and offer unmatched capabilities. Your plugin works great and is easy to use."
 -- R.H., 12/10/2013

"Love the program and was quite happy to pay the registration through paypal"
-- I.M., 11/14/2013, Glasgow, U.K.

"I love this tool..."
-- K.S., 11/5/2013

"Hi, your software has been really helpful for me ..."
 -- J.F., 10/21/2013, Australia

"IDImposer is inexpensive and works great ... Big thank you to Stephen Carlsen."
-- J.S., 9/24/2013, in Adobe's InDesign forum.

"first of all thanks for IDImposer, it works great my brother and I, making his comics at ______ ... it is a great extension."
-- T.R.B., 9/12/2013, Denmark.

"IDImposer is a very good application, thank you. I can finally make saddle stitch mockups again."
-- C.W., 9/11/2013

"You may notice that I registered twice. Depending on your licensing, it may be right. I plan to use it on my work computer and on my laptop. And honestly, it seems like it will be worth the two licenses cost. ... Keep developing!"
-- J.B., 9/6/2013 

"I'm sending you this quick email because we just registered our version of IDImposer (which we love by the way)."
-- O.D.T., 9/4/2013

"this is a fantastic extension. Thanks for your hard work! ... Where can I donate? ... They say the best teachers don't just tell the students the answer, they help them discover it on their own. I now bow to my sensei..."
 -- J.F., 3/7/2013

"Excellent program, waiting for her support after Alap Imposer :)"
-- А.К., 7/28/2013, Russia

"We utilized you 30 day free trial and were so happy with the results we have purchased the software."
 -- S.E., 7/11/2013

Editor's Note:  Out of many customer comments, I believe that we have had only one negative review — and his only complaint was that IDImposer isn't free ..

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