Output Samples


The most basic function of IDImposer is the creation of 2-Up printer spreads for saddle-stitched booklets.

For example, if you are creating an 8-page booklet, your reader spread pages appear in sequential order in the InDesign layout window. But for saddle-stitch printer spreads, with printing on both sides of the sheets, page 8 is positioned next to page 1, page 2 is positioned next to page 7, and so on, so that when the two pages are printed next to each other on the same sheet, folded, and collated, the pages end up in the correct order.

IDImposer correctly handles images and other objects that cross the spine of a reader spread

When you need a a few sheets of business cards, a designer or other customer simply creates a single 3.5" by 2" or 85mm by 55mm card, with bleed if desired, and IDImposer does the rest. With IDImposer, measurements and paper sizes can be specified in mm, inches, or points.

And if you need to make address labels, you can use one of the supplied Avery label or business card precut sheet layout presets, or specify your own layout. 

In this example, we see the original InDesign label, followed by a 60-up sheet of these labels. They can make a thoughtful gift for friends, relatives, or customers.

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