Hints and Limitations

  • Currently only the period "." is supported as the "decimal point" character for numeric fields in the UI. Commas must only be used as a value separator, in numeric fields which accept multiple values (horizontal and vertical spacing, and the number of sheets per signature.)
  • By default, crop marks and other printer marks are ON, so IDImposer may complain if you don't allow room for them in your sheet margins settings. If you don't want marks or don't have room for marks, turn off all marks in the Marks panel.
  • IDImposer assumes that all of the InDesign source document's pages are at least roughly the same size. If this is not true, IDImposer will warn you.
  • If you have more than one 'Page 1's in your Document, in different Sections, be sure to use a unique "Section Prefix" for each of your Sections. Otherwise IDImposer and InDesign get confused about which 'Page 1' to use, resulting usually in the first page being repeated about 4 times in the imposition output; and 3 of the other pages will be missing.

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