A 3-Phase Example

Screen Shots - Pro Edition

To give you some idea of IDImposer's flexibility, here are screen shots from an IDImposer Pro job that is set up for 3 Phases -- impositions of impositions. Phase 1 creates normal perfect bound output. Phase 2 takes the output from Phase 1 and creates Single Plate / Work and Turn flats. Phase 3 then replicates the job vertically, to make better use of hypothetically 24" by 21" sheets of paper.

Phase 1: Perfect Bound

Phase 2: Do the work and turn

Phase 3: Repeat vertically

The Printer Marks settings for Phase 1.

Intermediate-PDF-Page Settings (Pro Edition):


Our results are saved here, in the <DocumentName>.sc folder.

Our 3-Phase 8-Up output document looks like this.

If you need to add a slug, or custom sheet marks, now would be the time. You're in InDesign, so just Place them.  Of course, you might need to increase the size of your sheet margins, in Phase 3 of the job.  You probably want to avoid using the 'Slug' feature in InDesign -- it will just confuse things, since a Slug should be a Sheet thing, not a page or  You may of course specify Bleed, though, and IDImposer will honor your settings.

IDImposer remembers the last settings that you used for a particular InDesign document.

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