Downloads of IDImposer 11 are fully functional for a 30 day evaluation period. After that, you will need to buy the License Key.  

Your license for allows you to use IDImposer for one year, from the time of purchase. The “Impose” button is disabled once time has expired.

The zip file referenced by the link below contains free trials of both Editions, so that you can easily compare them within the 30 day evaluation period, to see which Edition best fits your needs and budget.

If you purchased IDImposer 9 or 10, that License Key will not work for IDImposer 11.

There are no upgrade discounts — I’m currently a 1-person company, and upgrades are just too much of an administrative time sink.

IDImposer 11 (2016.11.18)


0. Unzip the download file, and 

1. Move whole IDImposer11 folder into the Scripts > Scripts Panel folder in your InDesign application folder.  Scripts added in this way will be accessible to all users of your machine.  To install here, you may need Administrator privileges.


2. Move the jsx and jsxbin files into the 

      Version 11.0\en_US\Scripts\Scripts Panel\

folder on Windows, or into the

   ~/Library/Preferences/Adobe InDesign/Version 11.0/en_US/Scripts/
       Scripts Panel/

folder on Mac. Scripts added in this way will only be accessible to a single login (yours), and probably will not require Administrator privileges.


3. Put the jsx and jsxbin files wherever you want, as long as they are in the same folder. Then add that folder to your Script Bay (see below) folder list.

You might find one of these articles to be helpful if you want more help on how to install scripts in InDesign:






In InDesign, open the Document that you wish to impose.

THEN, to run IDImposer 11:

In InDesign, open the Window > Utilities > Scripts panel. You should see now see 'IDImposer 11 - XXXX Edition' entries in the Applications folder of the Scripts Panel, where 'XXXX' is ‘Booklet' or 'Pro'.

Double-click 'IDImposer 11 XXXX Edition.jsxbin' in the Scripts panel.


Script Bay, a great alternative to InDesign's Scripts Panel can be found here:

With Script Bay, you can store scripts and run them from any folder on your computer.


Choose your imposition settings (or Apply a Preset), and click the “Impose” button.

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