Our Customers Include:


Quickly and easily produce mock-ups of your brochures, booklets, and other projects ... for selling a job to clients, and for better communications with your print shop about what you need.

Commercial and in-house print shops:

Quickly, easily, and professionally produce a wide range of multi-up jobs – booklets, newsletters, books, magazines, newspapers, sheets of address labels and business cards, and more – directly from an InDesign document. This gives you the ability to fully inspect the imposition in InDesign before committing to it to print, as well as the ability to use InDesign's layout capabilities for adding slug or custom printer marks to the imposed job. 

Yes, you no doubt already have tools in place to get the job done – but adding IDImposer to your toolbox can very likely save you and your customers time and money.

Part-time publications producers:

The person who does the club newletter, ... the church publications department, ... the bookmaker hobbyist, ... the underground newspaper ... 

IDImposer might NOT be suitable for these types of jobs:

If you only produce simple saddle stitched (stapled) booklets, and if your needs are satisfied by InDesign's Print Booklet feature, and if you are not having problems making 'Print Booklet' do what you want, then you might not need IDImposer. Yet. 

But, even then, since a free 15-day trial is built into IDImposer, you might want to at least play with it a bit, to get a feel for what it can do; being able to inspect the job in detail visually before wasting paper, for example, can save a lot of time and money.

If your document(s) are already in PDF form, or if the job is being assembled from several different source documents, then an Acrobat-based imposition solution is probably what you want for those jobs. Yes, you could place all of the PDF pages into a new InDesign document – there are several scripts available to help automate this task – but this approach can still be time consuming and error prone.

If the job is to be printed by an outside print shop, its prepress technician will likely have a lengthy list of requirements, and one of those requirements could well be

"Do Not Impose The Job Yourself. Let Us Do It."

The shop can make smart imposition decisions based on knowledge of their printing / folding / binding / trimming equipment, the characteristics of the paper stock to be used, whether the job is a 1-ink job or a color job, and other factors.

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